Landscaping Ideas Bremerton


As a passionate design and build contractor, we can develop a master plan with landscaping ideas for your Bremerton home or business property that incorporates some of the latest design trends.

While water elements, distinctive pathways and tranquil garden rooms are among the latest trends for creating a beautiful landscape, we can personalize your surrounding outdoor area using landscaping ideas such as:

  • A garden pond with waterfalls and fountains
  • Vertical garden wall for growing herbs, flowering plants, root crops
  • Retaining wall construction with built-in seating for entertaining
  • Integration of natural plants, stone walkways and water features
  • Patio landscaping
  • Outdoor living and dining spaces
  • Arbors, pergolas and trellises with natural plantings
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming

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Bremerton Lawn Service


We provide reliable Bremerton lawn service with techniques and solutions to maximize the potential of your lawn and achieve the lush green characteristics you expect.

Whether your needs call for residential or commercial lawn service, our professional crew can help represent your private residence or business at the highest aesthetic level at affordable prices:

  • Mowing, trimming, weeding and edging
  • Core aeration and dethatching
  • Fertilizing
  • Mulching
  • Weed and insect control
  • Irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance
  • Soil analysis
  • Power raking
  • Overseeding
  • Tree trimming and heaving pruning

As part of the local community, we have knowledge of the climate, growing conditions and environment to keep your lawn healthy by recognizing its needs and tailoring a plan to meet those needs.

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Gardening Bremerton


We provide professional gardening and maintenance in Bremerton for residential homes, offices and commercial businesses that not only attract and inspire visitors, but also increase the curb appeal and value of a property.

Whether your objective is to help prevent erosion, improve the visual appearance of your property, or to create an attractive outdoor living space, our professional team can provide gardening installations that will transform your exterior spaces with a breathtaking design that may include:

  • Beautiful and vibrant-colored flower beds
  • Strategically placed decorative green plants and floral bushes
  • Trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Privacy using plants
  • Water feature installations–fountains, waterfalls, natural ponds, bubblers
  • A rock wall construction
  • Installation of an irrigation system
  • Patio construction
  • Retaining wall
  • Tree services

We can accent your home or business with natural elements like flora and fauna, or stonework and remarkable water features, shrubbery walkways, arbors, simple flower beds bursting with color and texture, or climbing vines over a lovely gate or trellis.

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